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Bully Kutta-Beast from the East


Bully Kutta or alternatively the South Asian is a bulldog that is domiciled in Pakistan. It is said to have been first bred by British Conquerors for sporting purposes during their rule. Currently, it is found in most rural areas of Pakistan. Most dogs in this breed have been domesticated as pets or as security dogs. It is believed that it had been bred even before the British came to Pakistan. It has mixed heritage from such breeds as White Alaunt and the Indian Mastiff.

This breed has gained increasing attention and infamous reputation in most parts of the world for being blood hounds for dog fighting purposes. Their height and size makes tem increasingly popular for the above purposes. Because of it fighting prowess, Bully Kutta has received notable mention in some books on dog fighting. Bully Kutta on fireTheir aggressive nature is the motivation behind their impressive performance and so many times they can be quite difficult to handle however they can still be domesticated while still puppies and become fierce guardians but faithful companions of the owners.

Due to the nature of country work, Bully Kutta dogs are bred for performance. They are known to be quite aggressive and somewhat difficult to handle but with good training from their infancy, they can be good guardians. Because of its savage tendencies, a mature untamed dog should ideally be handled by experienced dog handlers. With such remarkable attributes for such an untamed breed, this dog surely has the true charm and pride of a canine.

This breed may have brown or black furs in the backside or a mix of other colors with a white patch that runs from the nose to the underbelly. It has a big head with deep set eyes that may quite be deceiving for gentleness. Even with its small thick body, the dog can still support its weight through it strong limbs. This breed is quite agile in spite of its weight although much less than other Alsatian breeds.

Bully Kutta breed may be anywhere between 30-35 inches tall but sometimes they can reach 40. The males are much taller than their female counterparts. Generally, it weighs 150-170lbs however some can weigh as much as 200 pounds. This breed has long muscular legs and a broad chest. It has much shorter fur and also soft to touch. Normally the muzzle is black with loose hanging skin in the neck and mouth. Its back is also much longer.

 Interesting enough, Bully Kutta its broad head resembles that of a typical bulldog. Its speed is remarkable and is boosted by its agility. This breed has majestic gait akin to that of a lion. Perhaps it’s the weight that influences its posture and gait in many ways. Regardless of its fierce temperament, nonetheless it is still an intelligent breed. Much of its aggressiveness can be managed with appropriate training. It is has a strong jaw and bones and it has equally strong muscles which makes it a powerful dog.