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The Himalayan Sheepdog


The Himalayan Sheepdog has a rich heritage in the regions of North India close to the Himalayas and this heritage dates back many years to the ancestor breeds that used to traverse the country sides of Central Asia. This breed is believed to share the same line of heritage with some of the Indian mastiffs.

Just like other country side hounds, this breed is quite muscular and agile which makes it suitable for a watch dog. Many farmers still employ the breed as shepherd dogs because of their sharp intellect and undeterred aggression when watching cattle. Normally, this breed has white furs throughout its body. All dogs of this breed have a white color patch on the chest and they shed their double coats once a year. This breed has long, round and, hairy tails which are curved upwards. The furs are shed once a year.

Heritage of Himalayan SheepdogPhysically, the Himalayan Sheepdog has a breast which comes in a mix of brown, dark, and light shades with patches of white in the area around the head down to the breast and the underbelly. These white patches can also be observed in the pads. A typical sheepdog weighs anything in the range of 23-41 kgs and measures 50-60 cm in height from the shoulders.

This Himalayan Sheepdog is an active breed used to the rustic lifestyle of scanning the countryside and so it may be less fitted for apartment homes. The original breed which hailed from Nepal is a rare sight nowadays. Generally, this breed has a large body and seems to bear semblance to breeds such as the Tibetan Mastiff for which it shares heritage.

This breed has long coat which also comes in a variety of colors which range from black to brown but the prominent coat color is black. However, one can find the breed in different shades. This breed has triangular ears which are normally erect when in motion. The tail is thick and covered with hair. The feet of the Himalayan sheepdog have thick pads suited for walking in snow in the high altitude snow covered Himalayas. The body is hairy and well proportioned. Their almond eyes which appear squinted gives them a severe look.

Country bred Himalayan Sheepdogs are more ferocious and may require some training to domesticate them. In spite of their ferocity, the country breeds are faithful companions and useful as guarding dogs in country homes. In addition, the rustic breeds tend to be inclined to their natural instincts and can be quite unwelcoming to strangers though they me pose as reserved in the presence of their masters.

A typical Himalayan Sheepdog can live for at least 10 years when they are cared for properly however in the country side they may have shorter lifestyles because of poor care and fatal wounds sustained from frequent fights with other dogs-a common occurrence in the countryside. The Himalayan sheepdog has close relatives in much of India and Central Asia. Most mountain dogs in these areas have shared links with this breed through cross breeding and so some traits are common between the breeds.